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Unfolding A Dark Mystery

Game developer Portable Mouse takes your gaming to a new height with Sally Face. It is a point-and-click game that lets you delve into an unsettling adventure with a masked protagonist. With a graphics slightly echoing Tim Burton's movies, this game will bring you an interesting and eerie plot filled with puzzles and hidden objects.

Mystery Behind the Mask

Sally Face revolves around a strange and quiet boy named Sally, who has moved in into an unusual town with his parents. Being a novice, he had to start from scratch, attend a new school, find new friends, and get used to entirely new surroundings. Quite easy for a normal guy. However, Sally is not someone you can call normal

Things are made complicated by the fact that Sally wears a weird mask. To make it worse, he has dark, unblinking eye slits, and wears blue pigtails that make him resemble a girl. 

The game is broken into short episodes totaling to five. Its first episode sets off in a hospital ward where Sally wakes up after surgery, his face heavily bandaged with traces of blood. From there, your first adventure as Sally began as you try to find Sally's father to make things clear. The game will continue with you finding Sally's father and him saying that Sally is not his son but his son's killer

Memories and Puzzles

Sally Face is a story-driven game with the players interacting with Sally's world and his nightmares. At the first episode, the story and characters are introduced, laying the foundation of the entire gameplay. The main path requires casual effort. However, you will need to uncover the hidden layers of the story as you progress. 

The game is a sequence of scenes mixing Sally's life with his past memories. These two are mixed so tightly that it can be hard to distinguished one from the other. You will also be introduced to more characters as you move from episode to episode. All of these characters are unique and interesting, each having different traits, behavior, and biography. 

However, not all of the people you will meet are real. Sally Face also comes with a pinch of supernatural with characters like a poltergeist living in one of the house rooms. Some of the characters are also just a product of Sally's imagination, so you might find it hard to know which exists in the game's world and which exists in Sally's head. 

Each scene in the game is filled with puzzles that you have to solve to progress further. While most of the puzzles are not that complicated, the intriguing and atmospheric story itself is enough to leave you thinking. The game also includes bonus mini-games as well as additional narrative, so you can enjoy playing longer. 

Discover Sally's Face

Overall, Sally Face is a  game one who likes intriguing mystery will love. The psychedelic cartoon-ish animation, combined with mystery and dark humor and unexpected twists of events, makes Sally Face worth playing. If you want a thrilling quest, you should definitely check out this game and try to discover what's hidden behind Sally's mask. 


  • Intriguing Game Story with Good Progresion
  • Amazing Soundtrack
  • Tricky Game Challenges and Unique Characters
  • Available in Six Languages


  • Dark Graphics
  • Contains Violent and Mature Content
  • Confusing shift between timelines
  • Each Episode Is Pretty Short

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Sally Face for PC

  • Paid
  • In English
  • V 1.1.61
  • 4.6
  • (158)
  • Security Status

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  • keira rivera

    by keira rivera

    i head that this game was so geat see youtuder playing it my freinds and i really what to play this if a lot of people playing it that means to me this game is going to be so geat


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